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WEDNESDAY 05162023



Touch and Go Power Snatch

Set 1 – 7 reps

Set 2 – 7 reps

Set 3 – 5 reps

Set 4 – 5 reps

Rest 2 minutes between sets

Tng Reps, working consistent speed/cycling, focus on  bringing hips down during reset of each rep, No pausing at the hang - increase load every set nothing near below parallel or failure.


3 Sets, on the 8 minutes:

5 min Clock:

500/400m Row

--> AMRAP in remaining time:

6 Front Squats @ 155/105lbs

20 double unders

8 GHD situps/ med ball abmat sit-ups

10 box jumps @24/20" (step down)

Target: Keep your Row effort at or just below your 30min pace. If you do not know your 30min effort, it is okay to guesttimate but make sure it is slower than your 5k row pace. Your AMRAPs in remaining time should be within 5% of the other sets. Do your best to push this while staying under control on each set.

Feel: This should be close to your threshold - it will be intense.

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