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Tuesday 11142023


Core -

Hollow rocks




Emom 10

1 Deadlift

Start at 70%

Increase for as many sets as possible.


3 rounds for time:

400-m run

21 sumo deadlift high pulls (65/95 lb)

Level 2

Same as Rx’d

Level 3

3 rounds for time:

300-m run

15 sumo deadlift high pulls (35/45 lb)




3 sets:

10 skin the cats (on rings)

:30 plank hold (on hands)

10 strict ring dips

:30 plank hold (on forearms)

– Rest 2:00-3:00 between sets.

– Watch the skin-the-cat progression if unfamiliar with the movement.– Scale the ring dips by placing one or two feet on the ground to assist.

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