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Tuesday 08302022



Option 1: Got None:

A. 10 min practicing ""lunge to kick ups"" into the wall

*goal is to feel a balance point where your legs come together before reaching the wall. Think of kissing the wall with both of your heels vs. reaching the wall with force w/ 1 leg.

*biceps by ears!

B. 5 sets: 1 wall-walk into 10-40 sec wall-facing HS hold

*rest as needed


1. Hands stacked directly under shoulders

2. Feeling some of your weight in your fingertips

3. Actively pressing into the ground throughout hold

4. Squeeze legs and toes together- point toes

Option 2: Got Some:

4 sets:

30 sec HS hold on wall (facing away)

30ft HSW

-rest 90 sec btw sets

*kick up as fast as you can into HSW "


Supinated Barbell Bent Over Rows @ 21X1: 10-12 reps x 3 sets


Wide Grip Strict Pull-Ups:

AMRAP (-1) x 2 sets



Row 2000/1700m @ max sustainable pace

rest 4min

x3 Sets

**for total time

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