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Monday 08212023


  • Welcome to the final week of August! Did you play along with athletes competing at the Games by completing Helen and the Global 5K?

  • This month’s focus is on clean-and-jerk cycling, leading up to Gwen on Aug. 25.

  • Named Workouts: Hero workout The Chief on Sept. 2.

  • From the Sport Archives: 2022 Masters Online Semifinal Test 22.1 on Sept. 3.


Core -

Tabata - hip taps (side to side)


5 sets for load:1 clean pull

1 hang power clean

1 hang squat clean– Perform 5 heavy sets of the complex, building in load.– The entire complex should be unbroken.– Rest 3:00 between sets.


RX 20 min cap

5 rounds for time:

400-m run

20 alternating single-leg squats



Level 2

5 rounds for time:

400-m run

20 alternating single-leg squats to target (20 in)– Run together and break up the squats as needed.




5 rounds for time:

200-m run

20 air squats

Air Squat Primary Points of Performance

  • Maintain a neutral spine.

  • Weight in the heels.

  • Knees track in line with the feet.

  • Push the hips back and down to initiate the descent.

  • Depth below parallel in the bottom position.

  • Stand to full hip extension.


  • 15:00-20:00.

  • Runs complete in 2:00 or less every round.

  • Athletes should be able to complete at least 20 single-leg squats/1:00 to go Rx'd.

  • Hips must be below parallel and heel off the ground then stand tall with hips extended before descending again.

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