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HEAVY DAY! Tuesday August 15, 2023


Squat clean primers:

EMOM 5 @ 40% of max squat clean

2 sets of complex each minute

Complex- 1 sec pause below knee, 1 sec pause at power position, 1 sec pause in bottom of squat

EMOM 3 @ 50% of max squat clean

1 set of same complex every minute


For load, on a running clock:

From 0:00-7:00:

Find a 5-rep-max squat clean

From 7:00-14:00:

Find a 3-rep-max squat clean

From 14:00-21:00:

Find a 1-rep-max squat clean

Ok, let's lift some heavy weights!

Both the 5 rep and 3 rep maxes are touch and go. Ideally we're increasing our attempts in each window so start with a weight that's manageable and go from there.

Look to complete 2-3 sets in each window with a 1-3 min rest between and go for larger jumps in weight over the first two with your 5 and 3.

Your singles should be increasing by 2-3% as you approach your true max.

We will record all three weights for the day.

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