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Wednesday 26062024

Hey, it's hump day and deliciously so, it's back squat day! Sweet!

Setting yourself up for this metcon will be a little different tomorrow. Your score will be the weight you use for your DB Step ups, BUT, we want to make sure you're doing this movement well. From the HWPO programmer "The standard for the load is being able to fully extend unilaterally on BOTH legs". What this means is that if you have to quickly slam your trailing foot onto the box to stabilize yourself before standing tall on the box pushing with both legs, the weight is too heavy, or your box is too high! You should be able to drive yourself to a near standing position with the power of one leg! Your knee should be just above your hip crease with one leg up on the box. Choose your box height and weight correctly here to get the most from this training session.

See you in the gym, and have fun folks!

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