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Wednesday 04052023



rest 5 sec between reps/ 65% of max hang power snatch / no star fishing !

Every 2:30, for 7:30 (3 sets):


*heavy as possbile with good form for all 3 sets


A. 2 "small" ring swings into 1 "max-effort" ring swing x 3-4, rest as needed

*focus- reaching w/ toes in the arch position. Think of getting as long as you can. Keep legs and knees straight. Use a towel between the feet if needed. Film each rep and watch it back before completing next set.

B. 1 "max-effort" ring swing + open hip front swing x3-4, rest as needed

*keep bodyline position from "A" - add in a hip drive when you transition into the front swing (if your arms bend and you hips drive- that is okay. But keep the focus on the hip drive for this step)

. 1 "max-effort" ring swing + open hip front swing WITH aggressive pull to shoulders x3-4, rest as needed

*A+B + getting shoulders as high as you can. Shoulders are highest point, then hips, then knees.

D. 2-position jumping muscle ups x5, rest as needed

*notice that the shoulders are still the highest point- then the hips (which are open!)


6-8 sets:

12/8 Cal C2 Bike /ROW @ 10 Damper

10 Unbroken Front Squats @ 30% of 1RM

12/8 Cal C2 Bike /row @ 10 Damper

20 Unbroken Wall Balls @ 20/14

-- rest 2 min between sets

Target: The goal today is to keep all sets unbroken. If that means you need to lower the loading to do so, please do. Don't get stuck into thinking you have to load as precribed. For this cycle, it is more important to create the demand of density and not loading. So, keep your focus on quality reps, unbroken!

Feel: Expect plenty of leg burn. By set 2, this will also likely be pretty metabolic. It may not feel like a 15min amrap, but it will "

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