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Tuesday 04042023


A.Jerk Balance - Forehead/Chin/Chest8 sets of 1 rep

Rest as needed

*1 complex= 1 rep @ forehead + 1 reps @ chin + 1 rep @ chest

*light load/tech focus - working on lockout/foot work/speed - alternate forward foot each set for balance

B.Every :90 x 5 sets:

5-10 sec supinated chin over bar hold + 2-6 chin ups

*add band for chinups if needed but try to complete the hold without support.


2 total sets:

Run 400m @ 4-6 sec per 400m slower than repeat test

rest 30 seconds


--rest as needed between sets--

BIKE if needed !!

**Push 2-4 sec faster than repeat test on last 400m of each set

"Intent: Week 2 of our mile repeat progressions. Stay focused and continue to pace correctly. Let's become better runners this off-season!

Target: Pace CORRECTLY. Follow the precribed paces and do your best to maintain those throughout.

Feel: This should be intense, BUT SUSTAINABLE. Again, the goal is to maintain YOUR paces throughout. "

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