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Stretch day

Stretch 20 min

Tabata warmup


Bench press x5 sets x 5reps

Take bar off rack hold 5 sec then..

hold 5 sec on chest reapeat!

-Or -

Quarter final workout #1

3 rds for reps :

Work for 1 min at each movement.

Min 1  snatch 85/135

Min 2 rowing cal

Min 3 db box stepups 35/50’s

Min 4 Rest

Level 2

Snatch 95/65

Rowing cal

Db box stepups 35/25’s


Level 3

Snatch 45/35

Rowing cal

Db box stepups 20/15’s



  • 100-250 reps or more.

  • Fight for one more rep in each minute; every rep makes a huge difference.

  • Aim for 10 or more reps of each exercise in each interval.

  • Snatch loading should allow for at least 5 touch-and-go reps at a time of you can.

  • Hold onto the dumbbells for the full minute.

  • If you are not signed for the Quarterfinals, choose movements that challenge your ability and allow you to get 10-20 reps per minute.

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