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Thursday 11252021

Stretch day

25 min stretch !!

Optional active recovery

800 m run / row

50 medball dead bugs

600 m run / row

40 medball dead bugs

400 m run / row

30 medball dead bugs

200 m run / row

20 medball dead bugs

WINNER GETS A PAIR OF NOBULL SOCKS !! Let’s have some fun 🤩



An approved hold will consist of the following:

Forward Plate Hold

  • Plate begins with the hands at waist level

  • Athlete must position themselves so that their butt, back and head are against a vertical wall or upright with the heels of the feet no more than 8 inches from the wall

  • Competitors must lift the plate into the hold position without assistance

  • This is a traditional strongman style forward hold with the arms held perpendicular to the body and the elbows fully extended throughout the hold

  • Hands must be positioned at the three and nine o'clock positions on the plate with the plate oriented vertically

  • Plate may only be supported with the hands

  • Body may or may not be locked out

  • The top edge of the plate must remain between the athlete's chin and crown of the head. The challenge ends when the plate edge moves lower than the chin or higher than the crown.

  • Bending of the elbows in order to gain an advantage will result in the termination of the hold

  • The timer may begin once the plate is in the approved holding position FLOW

The workout begins with the athlete standing upright

  • Butt, back and head in contact with the wall

  • Heels of the feet no more than 8 inches from the wall

  • Arms holding the plate down at their waist.

When the athlete is ready, they may raise their plate and begin their challenge attempt:

  • The clock should begin when the plate is lifted to the approved holding position.

The hold is over when the plate edge moves lower than the chin, higher than the crown or the body is no longer in the approved holding position

  • Timer stops at this time

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