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"GI JANE" Wednesday 12062024

Hey! So, we have a killer workout on deck for tomorrow... "GI Jane" is as much of a mental flex as it is a physical test. I'll let you in on a little secret; we do hard things in the gym so we can laugh at whatever life decides to throw at us. Your daily training teaches you that your body is capable of amazing things and that you do have the focus/mental capacity to push through seemingly insurmountable adversity. Look back at where you were a year ago, or maybe even just two months ago before you started doing CrossFit, and I'm sure you'd say there's no way you could do 50, 70, or even 100 pullups! Well, you're going to do just that, and you're going to crush it along the way! Listen to your coaches, dig in with your fellow classmates, work hard, keep your focus and by the end of day on Wednesday you will all be bonafide warriors in my book, capable of anything! You can most definitely do this stuff. LFG!

"G.I. Jane"

For Time


100 Burpee pull ups

Scaling Options


70 Burpee Jumping Pull up

Intermediate L1

100 Burpee Jumping pull up

Intermediate L2

50 Burpee Pull ups

Take a well deserved break and then...

Post METCON conditioning:

Time Cap: 10 minutes

3 sets

30 sec Cal machine, Max effort

Rest 30 sec

6 High box jumps + Step downs

Rest 2:00

Scaling Options


15 sec Cal machine, Max effort

Rest 30 sec

6 Seated vertical jumps


3-5 sets

7 DB Romanian Deadlift @ Heavy

7 Feet elevated Ring rows, pronated grip

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