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Eken W70 V20 Wm8850 Firmwarel

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Eken W70 V20 Wm8850 Firmwarel

How to Update Eken W70 V20 Wm8850 Firmware

If you have an Eken W70 V20 tablet with Wm8850 chipset, you may want to update its firmware to improve its performance and stability. However, finding the right firmware for your device can be tricky, as there are many different versions and models of Eken tablets. In this article, we will show you how to identify your tablet model and find the correct firmware for it.

Identify Your Tablet Model

The first step is to identify your tablet model and firmware version. You can do this by checking the build number in the Android settings. Go to Settings > About tablet > Build number and look for a string like this: wmid-eng 4.0.3 IML74K _120525.1106. This string contains information about your tablet model, Android version, kernel version and build date.

The most important part of the string is the one after the underscore (_), which indicates your tablet model. For example, _120525.1106 means that your tablet is a WM8850_MID7_PuZhi_W01_8223_FT5206_W70_WMC1579 model[^1^]. You can use this information to search for the firmware files online.

Find the Firmware Files

Once you know your tablet model, you can look for the firmware files that match it. One way to do that is to use Google and search for your model name followed by "firmware". For example, if your tablet is a WM8850_MID7_PuZhi_W01_8223_FT5206_W70_WMC1579 model, you can search for "WM8850_MID7_PuZhi_W01_8223_FT5206_W70_WMC1579 firmware" and find a link to download the firmware files[^1^]. Alternatively, you can also check the Eken website or other websites that host firmware files for Eken tablets[^2^] [^3^] [^4^].

Make sure that the firmware files you download are compatible with your tablet model and Android version. Do not use firmware files that are meant for other models or versions, as this may brick your device. Also, make sure that the firmware files are not corrupted or incomplete. You can verify this by checking the file size and using a tool like 7-Zip to extract them.

Update Your Tablet Firmware

After you have downloaded the firmware files, you need to copy them to a micro SD card and insert it into your tablet. The micro SD card does not need to be blank and you can have other files on it. However, make sure that you copy the wmt_scriptcmd script and the FirmwareInstall directory from the firmware files to the root directory of the micro SD card.

Next, you need to boot your tablet into recovery mode. To do this, turn off your tablet and press and hold the power button and the volume up button at the same time until you see a green Android logo on the screen. Then release the buttons and wait for a few seconds until you see a menu with several options.

Use the volume buttons to navigate through the menu and select "apply update from external storage". Then use the power button to confirm and select the wmt_scriptcmd file from the micro SD card. This will start the firmware update process, which may take several minutes. Do not turn off or disconnect your tablet during this process.

When the firmware update is complete, you will see a message saying "Install from sdcard complete". Then select "reboot system now" from the menu and wait for your tablet to restart. You should see a new boot animation and logo on your screen, indicating that your tablet has been updated successfully.


In this article, we have shown you how to update Eken W70 V20 Wm8850 Firmware by identifying your tablet model, finding the firmware files online and applying them using a micro SD card and recovery mode. We hope that this guide has been helpful and that you enjoy using your updated Eken tablet. 9160f4acd4


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