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Wednesday January 12, 2023


Snatch pull 3x3

  • Warmup to 85-90% then 3x3 working sets

Squat snatch 6x1

  • @ 80-85%

  • Do a few reps to warmup with lighter weight then start your strong singles.

  • Take about 2 mins per lift here

  • These are heavy, be aggressive in your hip extension and catch your snatch with strong locked out arms

  • Don't rush out of the bottom position. Make sure you're steady before standing the bar up.


5 rounds for time

12 TTB/knee raises

4 shuttle runs (25 ft each)

12 burpees to target (6” above standing reach)

4 shuttle runs (25 ft each)

Try alternating the leg you cut with on each turn.

Your goal should be smooth shuttle runs, focusing on relaxing your arms. Create a breaking strategy for TTB and do your best to stick to a consistent rest interval between sets. If stringing multiple TTB is tough for you, try to hit small sets of two being mindful of the rest in between.

Burpees should be smooth with focus on consistent footwork.

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