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MONDAY 09192022


EMOM x 10:

2-3 Back Squat @ 62-67%

Option 1: Got None

A. 10-12 reps of each ""step"" for quality:

1. Jump to pike

2. Tight and patient arch

3. Toes rise (spot them)

4. Hip drive + press down on bar w/ straight arms

*note: each step adds onto the previous one. Focus on not skipping the previous step as you add the next.

Option 2: Got Some

4 sets:

12 BFB

-rest 20 sec-

AMRAP-1 BMU (or accumulate 4 reps AFAP)

-rest 2 min btw sets-


16min AMRAP:

4 shuttle runs

1 rope climb

8 shuttle runs

2 rope climbs

24 wall-ball shots @ 20/14lbs to 10/9ft

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