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MONDAY 03272023

A.Clean from

12 sets of 1 rep

Rest as needed

*4 @ mid thigh; 4 @ knee; 4 @ below knee

*Technique focus today. Focus on full extension/driving with hips/strong catch/pull under bar. Bar height is at positions listed

B.5 Front Squats (3211 tempo)

*Work to a strong 5 reps for the day, nothing above 8/10 RPE - Leave plenty in the tank & work on positions.

C.5 Back Rack Reverse Lunges

*Work to a strong 5 reps for the day - good form, good mechanics, good control, keeping front shin perpendicular to floor, nothing above 8/10 RPE - reps per side

D.For Everyone:

5 sets:

1 wall-walk into 15-45 sec wall-facing HS hold

*rest as needed

4 alternating sets of:

-5 bench  press tough load

-20 elevated plate step ups

Max pike hspu

Intent: The focus of these session will be upper body pressing endurance. We want to build your pressing endurance to set you up for success in higher skill / volume gymnastics in the future.

Target: Keep the same load for all bench press sets. Make the reps tough, but unbroken. Plate step ups should be continuous. For the pike hspu, never go to failure. Treat each set as a true amrap, but do you best to not get to the point where you cannot perform at least a single.

Feel: Expect to get a big pump doing this. While it won't tax your respiratory system as much as a normal ""metcon"" this should impact your local musculature at a much more intense rate.

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