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Monday 02052024


Back squats

For load:

Back squat


Max reps on the last set.

– Welcome to week one of our Strength cycle where we will back squat for the next four weeks.– Your goal is to find a heavy set of 5 back squats. This may not be a 5-rep-max but find your heavy 5-rep lift for the day.– Use the same load for sets 4 and 5, but go for more than 5 reps in that final set without pushing to failure.


For reps:

4 x AMRAP 3:

75 double-unders

25 burpees

Max-rep toes-to-bars–

Rest 1:00 between AMRAPs.

Level 2

For reps:

4 x AMRAP 3:

40 double-

20 burpees

Max-rep toes-to-bars–

Rest 1:00 between AMRAPs.

Level 3

For reps:

4 x AMRAP 3:

50 single-unders

15 burpees

Max-rep hanging knee raises–

Rest 1:00 between AMRAPs.

Extra WORK3 sets:

8 weighted pull-ups–

Rest 3:00 between sets.

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