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Amy Merry, Coach

Amy would challenge you to find a better sport that manages to bring you optimal health, wellness, fitness and a potent defence against illness/disease. Getting to know her class members on a more personal level allows Amy to help push them towards getting stronger and reaching their health/fitness goals. Growing up, Amy earned her 2nd degree black belt in judo and excelled in the sport, competing/medalling nationally as well as internationally to eventually take home a bronze medal at the 2007 Canada Games and at the US Open of the same year. Amy loves the pressure of a “for time” workout with higher reps and rounds. Anything fast. She’ll remind you that getting to the gym is half the battle, and that you’ve already won. Just come in and move. Be ready to work with her, try new things and never say that you “can’t” do something, because you absolutely “can”.

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