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Of course, there are lots of other word game options that involve unscrambling letters! Each of these veryu words could be used in games and apps like Scrabble Go, Pictoword, Cryptogram, SpellTower, Boggle, Wordle and other popular word scramble games.


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The topic of the paper is timely and interesting. Combinatorial experts in various forms are an active area of research that offers nice connections between learning theory and classical combinatorial algorithmics. This is a very nice theory paper that introduces a general reduction scheme and then uses it to provide hardness results for several familiar problems. The impact of the contribution is maybe somewhat lessened by the fact that hardness results for these problems are already known for more stringent notions of regret. The present paper extends those results to per-action regret. However, this is not just minor tinkering, since this notion of regret is veryu natural, and one might even think it is interesting by itself to find natural examples that demonstrate a separation between different notions of regret. The paper is very well written, with clear and consise proofs for all claims. I couldn't find any suggestions for improvement on that score. 041b061a72


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