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T.I. - 24 S ( 2021

Hello Guys, I also went thru the same issue. I figured out that premeire pro was only taking .wav files (in my case) and I could not import .mp3 files at all. So all I had to do was rename my .mp3 files to .wav and kaaboom! It worked, it was on my timeline! Trying to clear media cache did not help at all. I hope this works out for you all!

T.I. - 24 s (

Thanks for the screenshots. This is an issue we are trying to solve right now. Is it possible to share any of these .mp3 files with us by attaching one or two. Where did you acquire these .mp3 files? Did you download them? If so, from where?

This will create a separate output file (so if you have a file called foo.mp3, you will end up with both foo.mp3 and out-foo.mp3); this is because ffmpeg cannot write over its input. You can fix this with something like:

eyeD3 does not work with Unicode. If any non-ascii characters are in the .mp3 file name (or even in just an ancestor directory name, such as the Album directory), then it aborts. LTA.

Situation 1: GarageBand only imports MP3 files which have the extension in lower case: ".mp3". If you try to import MP3 files (like MP3 recorded from the Olympus LS-10) with the extension in upper case: ".MP3", GarageBand will refuse to import those kinds of MP3 audio.

play.mp3 (reflection room) 3.49mb@96kb (5:05)starfish.mp3 (reflection room) 1.95mb@96kb (2:50)bloodthicker.mp3 (reflection room) 2.22mb@96kb (3:13)color.mp3 (reflection room) 4.93mb@96kb (4:20)whenthelightsgodown.mp3 (glamslam room) 4.93mb@96kb (7:11)just2gether.mp3 (glamslam room) 4.41mb@96kb (6:24)soblue.mp3 (reflection room) 3.09mb@96kb (4:30)stillwaiting.mp3 (reflection room) 2.92mb@96kb (4:15)glamorous.mp3 (glamslam room) 4.55mb@96kb (6:37)lovesme4me.mp3 (reflection room) 1.94mb@96kb (2:49)muse.mp3 (reflection room) 2.99mb@96kb (4:21)

wildandloose.mp3 (glamslam room) 5.17mb@96kb (7:32)babyuratrip.mp3 (reflection room) 3.71mb@96kb (5:24)sometimeslonely (reflection room) 4.29mb@96kb (6:15)songs3.mp3 (glamslam room) 7.76mb@96kb (11:18)callmyname.mp3 (reflection room) 3.61mb@96kb (5:15)onthecouch.mp3 (reflection room) 2.43mb@96kb (3:33)emachine.mp3 (glamslam room) 2.22mb@80kb (3:53)rightback.mp3 (reflection room) 3.24mb@96kb (4:43)somebody.mp3 (reflection room) 3.25mb@96kb (4:43)cc.mp3 (glamslam room) 3.58mb@80kb (6:15)adore.mp3 (reflection room) 4.46mb@96kb (6:30)howcome.mp3 (reflection room) 2.60mb@96kb (3:47)

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I'm kinda at a loss. I'm using Vegas Pro 16 bld.424. Windows 10 bld.1903 OS. My PC has an AMD 6300 6 core CPU and 24GB RAM. Now I know I've rendered audio files to .mp3 format in the past. But that option has completely disappeared from my Render As options window. I've seen some post in other places from other people who have seen a "no .mp3 render option" issue as well. Am I wrong or did this option disappear for some reason? And if it did, can it be recovered?

I did have the option within VP16 as well (I do not have a filter selected). I have no idea when it disappeared or why..just know that when I had an audio clip I was going to render out as an .mp3, it wasn't there anymore. Also, I did perform a reinstall of Vegas Pro 16 and still had no .mp3 render option. 350c69d7ab


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