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BB Hip Thrusts:


Build to a heavy 3, aiming heavier than last weeks double, then drop & do 2 sets of 10.


Option 1: Got None

A. EMOM 6-min: 2 x 2-3" deficit handstand pushup negative from handstand position into tripod

*Control for 6-12 sec.

B1. 30 sec Z-press presses + 5sec OH isometric hold x 3, rest 60 sec

B2. AMRAP UB pike pushups with hands on DB handles x 3

Option 2: Got Some:

E3MOM x 4 sets:

30 sec bike

30 sec HS hold on wall

30 sec max SHSPU

**4th set - 60 sec max SHSPU /CAP 75 REPS


15 Sec On/45 Seconds off until 50 Reps are complete:

Bar Facing Burpees

rest 2min

15 Sec on/45 Seconds off until 40 reps are complete:

GHD/ situps ABMAT

rest 2 min

15 Sec on/45 Seconds off until 40 reps are complete:

Thrusters @ 75/55#*

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