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Wednesday 04122023



rest 5-10 seconds between reps

*start around 70% 1RM HPC & build small each set. *Focus is powerful hip extension, but strong/techncial catch in front rack, no star fishing and working on create strong connection with the bar

Half Kneeling Single Leg Lateral Jump \ single leg box step ups 3 sets of 5 reps

*5 reps/side each set (alternating arms)

*reset between each rep to keep it powerful

Half Kneeling Single Leg Lateral Jump


3 rds For time :

6 back squats 155/105

rest 30 sec

24 jump switch lunge 50/35 or single leg box step up knee up

rest 30 sec

18 unbroken Db thrusters 50/35

REST 2 min on bike, recovery  pace.

Reebok CrossFit ONE Movement Demo "Dumbbell Jumping Lunge"

Target: The goal today is to keep all sets unbroken. If that means you need to lower the loading to do so, please do. Don't get stuck into thinking you have to load as precribed. For this cycle, it is more important to create the demand of density and not loading. So, keep your focus on quality reps, unbroken!

Feel: Expect plenty of leg burn. By set 2, this will also likely be pretty metabolic.

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