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Tuesday 03282023

A.For Time:30 Strict Pull-Ups

Time Cap: 8 minutes

*no drop from the top, must control eccentric to the bottom.

B.Every minute for 6 minutes Band Assisted Feet Elevated Bridge Support Hold for 5-15 seconds

For Everyone:

A.  3 sets of 5 arch to hollow on bar with legs together and straight in arch / Rest 60-90 sec

B.  3 sets of 5 arch to knee tuck- same arch position but bring knees up to about hip height in the front of the swing (keep legs straight in back) / Rest 60-90 sec

C. 3 sets of 5 TTB with straight legs in the arch (you can bend kneed to touch toes to bar if you need to) / Rest 60-90 sec

D. 3 sets of 5 TTB w/ same points from "C" AND not looking at the bar (look straight ahead) / Rest 60-90 sec

*looking straight ahead will keep you closer to the bar- it's also easier to breathe in this position

**On A-D- make sure that you are always returning to a straight leg position in the arch

E.1 Mile Repeatability Test:

2 Rounds for Time:

Rest 1 minute between each round

*run @ max sustainable pace

Intent: This is the start of our running progressions. We will test and then retest (in the next training cycle) our 1mile repeat test. If you follow each week, you will CRUSH the retest and be surprised at how much better your running is.

Target: While the goal is to be as fast as possible, we also want these to be sustainable. Your goal today should be to perform each of the 1mile repeats at the same exact effort. So if you perform the first set at 7:30, the goal is to do both at 7:30.

Feel: This should be intense, BUT SUSTAINABLE. Again, the goal is to perform each mile at the exact same pace.

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