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Monday 12272021


Core Tabata

Russian twists


Wod 35 min cap

4K bike 1200 m run 3k bike 1K run 2k bike 800m run 1K bike 600m run 500m bike 400m run 250m bike 200m run

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Friyahhh 04192024

Warmup Skills / EMOM 8 30sec hs hold 10 -15 ttb 10 HSPU 10-15 ttb 10 strict HSPU 10-15 ttb 10 ctw HSPU 10-15 ttb WOD QUARTER FINALS #4 Start with back to the bar every round ! RX Complete as many reps


Stretch day Stretch 20 min Tabata warmup Strength Bench press x5 sets x 5reps Take bar off rack hold 5 sec then.. hold 5 sec on chest reapeat! -Or - Quarter final workout #1 3 rds for reps : Work for

Wednesday 04172024

Strength EMOM 10 10 Weighted glute bridges/bar 12 bent over rows / bar WOD RX AMRAP 20: 400-m run 50 KB swings (53/70 lb) 400-m single-KB farmers carry (run if you can ) – Partners run together and br


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