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Monday 10062024

Happy Monday CFQ!

Congratulations to all of our Spring Fling competitors, and a HUGE thank you to all of the judges, scorekeepers and equipment crew who volunteered their time to help out. The day went amazingly well:)

Carrying on with our training for June, we will be building off of our 1 RM back squat from last week.

Back Squat

1x10 @57%

1x8 @67%

1x6 @71%

1x4 @76%

Rest 1:30-2 minutes b/w sets

And if you’re new to the gym or strength training in general we’d like you to tackle the following, and focus on your range of motion and technique. Ask your coach for help!

Back Squat


Rest 1:30-2 minutes b/w sets


Score: Total Rounds & Reps

TC: 12 minutes

3 x 3 Min amrap, rest 1:30 min between


10 KBS @ 53/35 Ibs

10 Alternating Goblet lunges @ 70/53 KB

10 TTB

Scaling Options

Intermediate L2

10 Russian KBS @ 53/35 Ibs

10 Alternating Goblet lunges


Intermediate L3

10 KBS @ 35/26 lbs

10 Alternating Goblet lunges

10 Swinging Leg Raises


10 Russian KBS @ Light/mod

10 Alternating unweighted lunges

10 Hanging knee raises / Sit-ups

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