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Monday 09252023



For Time :

400 m run


  • A reasonable target for most CrossFit athletes is somewhere in the :60-:90 range.

  • Looking for a consistent running pace throughout the distance that feels almost comfortable at the beginning, and becomes almost unbearable by the end

  • As this is a benchmark, encourage everyone to complete the distance today if they are physically able, even if that means a speed walk, and then to add their scores to the CrossFit app to track over time.

  • Those who are unable to run or walk can complete an equivalent distance on a bike, SkiErg or rower.


EMOM 20:

2 thrusters–

Barbell starts on the floor. Add weight every 5:00.



  • Build to a heavy 2-rep thruster. Add weight every 5:00.

  • Try to keep all working sets above 70% of your 1-rep max.

  • Thrusters should be taken from the floor; the first rep can be a squat clean.

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