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Monday 05132024


Strength -

Box Back squats

4 reps x 4 sets

Find a box at or just below parallel.



For time:

2,000-m row


For time:1,600-m row


  • 10:00 or less.

  • Shoot for a consistent pace of 1:45-2:30/500 meters.

  • Push the pace in the final 300-500 meters and fully empty that tank.

  • Today, you’ll push the limits with a 2,000-meter row time trial.

  • Please note that if you’re not falling off the rower at the end, you didn’t do it right. Hit this row with an all-out effort.

  • Plan to push the pace with all you’ve got while also improving rowing mechanics.

  • Find and maintain a sustainable pace for the first 6 minutes or so, and then aim to speed up a bit at the end.

  • Those performing the workout as prescribed should target somewhere between 1:45-2:30/500 meters.

  • We’ll wrap today with plank holds Russian twists to get in some extra core stability work.



2 sets:

1:00 plank hold

50 Russian twists

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