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FRIYAHHHH 04072023


3 sets of 7 reps

1 sec pause on the box 9/10 effort


Find a technical max for the day

*Restrictions - no assistance from hips, must start with ankles/knees/hips fully extended.

BELOW THE KNEE PAUSE SQUAT SNATCH 3 sets of reps  @ 60-75%

*rest 10 seconds between reps

2 sec pause at knee; 60-75% 1RM snatch - % build on last week


12 minute amrap


Farmers carry @32/24kg

Shuttle Runs (2x25ft each)

Single Kb box  step ups  24/20 53/35


10 Rounds for Time:

Echo Bike 10/8 calories

10 Kettlebell Swings @ 53/35 lbs

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