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August 14, 2023


5 min GHD intro and trial

Every 1:30 for 6 rounds:

3 hang power snatch (above the knee)

Start at 60% and increase if all feels well

3 rounds for time (14 min cap):

30 abmat situps (GHD, if conditioned for it)

30 power snatch (55/75)

This workout should take you between 8-12 minutes with no more time spent than 2 minutes on either movement. Snatches should ideally be completed in sets of 10. This is a light barbell that should cycle quickly. Make sure to keep good form when fatigue sets in. Your midline will take a serious hit on this one.

If you'd like to try the GHD, there will be time before the workout. You could also team up with someone in the workout to share, i.e. do 15 abmat and 15 GHD.

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