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Where To Buy Christina Wu Dresses

Christina Wu wedding dresses signature is elegance and glamour. Labels within the Christina Wu collection include Adrianna Papell Platinum, Christina Wu Brides and Christina Wu Love (Plus Size Dresses).

where to buy christina wu dresses

Soft and romantic, each Christina Wu Love design features intricate detail to make it stand out. Sheer lace, dramatic trains, and classic necklines give each dress a modern, sultry look that still has an air of classic bridal elegance. These perfect wedding dresses are designed for the plus size bride, creating to fit comfortably and give plus size brides a stunning line of wedding dresses designed specifically for them.

Available in a variety of colours and styles, the Christina Wu bridesmaid dresses are perfect for any formal occasion or for brides looking for an uncomplicated gown. This is a very versatile line that will add life to any party. Below are the samples from Christina Wu available to try on now at NABBD in London!

Waist: Position the tape around the smallest part of your torso, or approximately 1-2 inches above your belly button. You can also bend side to side and position the tape where your torso creases to find your waist.

Brides hoping to find a gown that expresses their individual style and their glamorous side should check out Christina Wu Brides wedding dresses. Christina Wu Brides wedding dresses are crafted to perfection and are meant for high-fashion brides-to-be. Whether they are covered in decadent beading or feature luxurious fabrics, Christina Wu Brides wedding dresses are totally glam. 041b061a72


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