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How To Download And Install RubberHose 2 Plugin For After Effects

What is RubberHose 2?

RubberHose 2 is a plugin developed by Battle Axe, a company that creates tools for motion designers and animators. RubberHose 2 is the successor of RubberHose, which was released in 2015 and became a popular tool for creating cartoon-style characters with shape layer paths. RubberHose 2 improves on the original version by adding more features, flexibility and performance.

How to Download and Install RubberHose 2 Plugin for After Effects

RubberHose 2 allows you to create hoses that act like limbs, tails, tentacles or anything else that needs to bend. You can connect layers to the ends of hoses, connect hoses to other animated layers, and adjust how a hose bends to fit the character, scene or action. You can also style your hoses with different colors, widths, strokes and caps. You can save your styles as presets and apply them to other hoses or share them with other users.

RubberHose 2 also offers more rigging methods than just hoses. You can use RubberRig to transform rig a set of two layers from Illustrator or Photoshop with one click. You can use RubberPin to link a set of three puppet pins to a controller group. You can also use other rigging tools such as Duik or Joysticks 'n Sliders with RubberHose 2.

Why use RubberHose 2?

RubberHose 2 has many advantages over other rigging and animation tools. Here are some of them:

  • It is fast and simple. You dont need to spend hours setting up complex rigs or expressions. You can create a hose with one click and start animating right away.

  • It is flexible and creative. You can bend your hoses any way you want, without worrying about breaking them or losing control. You can also change the style of your hoses at any time, without affecting the animation.

  • It is compatible and versatile. You can use RubberHose 2 with any layer type, such as shape layers, solids, images or text. You can also use it with other plugins or scripts, such as Bodymovin or Lottie.

  • It is affordable and supported. You can buy RubberHose 2 for $45, which is a reasonable price for such a powerful tool. You also get free updates and support from the Battle Axe team.

How to install RubberHose 2?

To install RubberHose 2, you need to have After Effects CS6 or newer. You can download the plugin from the Battle Axe website:

There are two ways to install RubberHose 2:

  • The easy way: In newer versions of After Effects, you can go to File > Scripts > Install Script UI Panel and select the RubberHose.jsxbin file that you downloaded. Then restart After Effects and RubberHose 2 will be available in the Window menu at the top of the screen.

  • The manual way: In older versions of After Effects, or if you prefer to do it manually, you need to copy the RubberHose.jsxbin file and the RubberHose folder into the ScriptUI Panels folder inside your After Effects installation folder. Then restart After Effects and RubberHose 2 will be available in the Window menu at the top of the screen.

How to use RubberHose 2?

To use RubberHose 2, you need to open the plugin panel from the Window menu. The panel has four main sections: Create Hose Group, Hose Styling, Rigging Methods and Settings. 04f6b60f66


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