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Watch Sex And The City S2e05 - Four Women And A...

Miranda Hobbes is a successful, and independent woman, who seemingly has everything, with a few great friends by her side. But one of the things that seems obvious in the show is Miranda's interesting dating life. All four women have some ridiculous and questionable dating choices in Sex and the City, but it seems like the various men in Miranda's life were particularly the worst, for one reason or another.

Watch Sex And The City S2e05 - Four Women And A...


From the liars to the hotheads, these flings are enjoyable to watch on television but it would be interesting to meet these types of guys in real life. While she's had some undesirables cross her path, Miranda's also had some of the best boyfriends in the show. Overall, all four favorite fashionistas have had some of the most interesting dating moments in television history, and if they were all perfect, it wouldn't be Sex and the City. 041b061a72


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