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Reikan FoCal: Which License is Right for You? A Comparison of Single User, Commercial, and Club Licenses

when a firmware update for the camera or lens is released focal pro users can take advantage of this by using the new version of focal pro, and for a period of time this will work even if the update is not initially included in the updates period. we will automatically upgrade you to the new version when the camera/lens firmware update becomes available. however, because we cannot tell in advance when this will happen, we ask that you confirm with us that you wish to upgrade to the latest version of focal pro in order to receive this automatic upgrade. otherwise the auto upgrade will not occur. you can upgrade directly from the website by clicking the button under the updates tab on the left of the page, or you can do so directly from the license management system by scrolling to the section titled updates on the left of the page and clicking the button there.

Reikan Focal License Code

you can also purchase a one-off license for a specific camera, where you license a new camera which you don't currently own, but want to run focal on. this is ideal if you own a new camera which you want to test, but don't have a compatible lens to test with it.

focal pro users can purchase additional licenses at 40% discount to the regular price. there is no limitation on the number of licenses you can purchase, although you will not be able to purchase more than one additional license per camera, so if you purchase an additional license for one camera it will replace any licenses currently in use for other cameras.

if you are a focal plus user you can purchase an update period for a particular camera/lens combination. the licence you purchase will cover that camera/lens combination for the duration of the update period. if you purchase this update period, any updates to focal pro will include support for that camera/lens combination.


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