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one day, om prakash is shot dead by a psychopathic criminal. om is reincarnated as veer singh (kumar wahi) in the modern era. he starts to live a normal life under the name singh but cannot forget his lover shanti. he immediately wants to be a hero and to find her. in the present day, singh meets with his childhood friend, deepika (deepika padukone), who plays the role of his childhood friend in the film. singh becomes enamored with her and they fall in love. a few days later, singh meets deepika's boyfriend, raj (arjit bajwa). raj, who is also obsessed with deepika, is her boyfriend, but he does not know that deepika loves singh.

om shanti om full movie download 300mb

when singh learns that raj and deepika are having an affair, he shoots raj and leaves him for dead. the police arrest singh as the murderer. singh is taken to prison. he promises raj that he will be the one who will set him free. raj, after being released from prison, realizes that singh is innocent and searches for him. he finds out that singh is in a mental asylum. singh is out of his mind and is in a coma. singh recovers his memory and remembers his past life and the love of his life. he leaves the asylum, and goes to the shooting location of om shanti om. he shoots the criminals who shot him and kills them, before he learns that the real criminal is his childhood friend, who is the current version of himself. om decides to find shanti and brings her home, where the entire family reunites. om and shanti decide to get married, but before they can, om realizes that he forgot everything about shanti. om decides to forget shanti, and decides to rejoin the film industry. om then reunites with pappu and deepika. meanwhile, the family friend, pappu, realizes that deepika is really in love with singh.


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