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Vishwatma: A Classic Bollywood Action Drama with English Subtitles

Vishwatma: A Classic Bollywood Action Drama with English Subtitles

Vishwatma is a 1992 Hindi action drama film directed by Rajiv Rai and starring Sunny Deol, Naseeruddin Shah, Chunkey Pandey and Divya Bharti in her debut role. The film revolves around Inspector Prabhat Singh (Deol), who is on a mission to capture the notorious crime lord Ajgar Jurrat (Amrish Puri), who has fled to Kenya after killing Prabhat's brother. Prabhat teams up with a reformed criminal Akash Bhardwaj (Pandey) and a Kenyan police officer Surya Pratap Singh (Shah), who is of Indian origin, to track down Ajgar and bring him to justice. Along the way, they face many obstacles and dangers, as well as romance and comedy.

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Vishwatma was a commercial success at the box office and received positive reviews from critics. The film is mainly remembered for its catchy songs, especially "Saat Samundar Paar", which became a chartbuster and made Divya Bharti an overnight star. The film also features some spectacular action sequences, shot in exotic locations in Kenya and India. The film has a cult following among Bollywood fans and is considered one of the best films of Sunny Deol's career.

If you are looking for a classic Bollywood action drama with English subtitles, you can watch Vishwatma online on ZEE5[^2^], a streaming platform that offers a wide range of Indian movies and shows. You can also download Vishwatma English subtitles from[^1^] or[^3^] and enjoy the film on your preferred device. Vishwatma is a film that will keep you entertained and engaged with its thrilling plot, memorable characters and melodious music.

Vishwatma is not just an action film, but also a film that explores the themes of friendship, loyalty, justice and love. The film showcases the chemistry and camaraderie between the three protagonists, Prabhat, Akash and Surya, who have different backgrounds and personalities, but share a common goal and bond. The film also depicts the romance between Prabhat and Renuka (Sonam), Akash and Kusum (Divya Bharti) and Surya and Sonia (Jyotsna Singh), who are the daughters of Ajgar's associates. The film also has a strong villain in Ajgar, who is ruthless, cunning and powerful. The film has a gripping climax, where the heroes confront Ajgar and his henchmen in a deadly showdown.

Vishwatma is a film that has something for everyone. It has action, drama, comedy, romance and music. It has a stellar cast of actors who deliver impressive performances. It has a talented director who creates a captivating story. It has a brilliant music composer who creates unforgettable songs. It has a loyal fan base who appreciate its quality and entertainment value. Vishwatma is a film that deserves to be watched and enjoyed by all.

Vishwatma is a film that has influenced many other films in Bollywood. The film's plot, characters and scenes have been referenced and parodied in several films, such as Main Khiladi Tu Anari, Partner, Golmaal 3 and Welcome. The film's songs have also been remixed and reused in many films, such as Kaante, Musafir, Tum Bin and Dishoom. The film's dialogues have also become popular and iconic among Bollywood fans. The film's impact and legacy can be seen in the way it is still remembered and celebrated by the audience and the industry.

Vishwatma is a film that has also faced some controversies and challenges. The film was delayed for several months due to various reasons, such as the Gulf War, the Mumbai riots and the death of Rajiv Gandhi. The film also faced some legal issues, such as a plagiarism case filed by the makers of Sholay, who claimed that Vishwatma copied some scenes and characters from their film. The film also faced some tragedy, as Divya Bharti, who played a pivotal role in the film, died in a mysterious accident shortly after the film's release. The film also faced some criticism, as some reviewers felt that the film was too violent, unrealistic and clichÃd.

Vishwatma is a film that has overcome all these obstacles and emerged as a successful and memorable film. The film has earned the respect and admiration of the critics and the audience alike. The film has won several awards and accolades, such as the Filmfare Award for Best Music Director for Viju Shah and the Screen Award for Best Supporting Actor for Naseeruddin Shah. The film has also achieved cult status among Bollywood fans and is considered one of the best films of its genre. Vishwatma is a film that has proven its worth and quality over time. e0e6b7cb5c


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